For the first time in Albania, a 20th century symphony program by one of the most important Croatian composers such as Bruno Bjelinski.

Wanting to present an overview of the 2 nearby countries but with totally unique historical influences, the program is built on the bridge of their musical communication of the last century.

It represents the development from the folk motifs of Jakov Gotovac and Pëllumb Vorpsi to Bruno Bjelinski and Nikola Zoraqi.




Vatroslav Lisinski – “Vecer” (The Evening)


Nikolla Zoraqi – “Uverturë Festive”


Pjetër Gaci  – “Baladë”

Soloist: Gëzim Bulçari


Bruno Bjelinski – Symphony No. 1, “Ljetna simfonija” (Summer Symphony)


Pëllumb Vorpsi – “Fantazi për orkestër dhe kor mbi një valle popullore”


Jakov Gotovac – “Ero s onoga svijeta” (Ero the Joker)

Soloist: Bože Jurić Pešić



Alan Bjelinski, Conductor

Conductor and composer Alan Bjelinski grew up in a family of musicians, his father being composer Bruno Bjelinski and mother pianist Ljerka Pleslic-Bjelinski. He has conducted almost all symphonies and opera orchestras in Croatia and numerous foreign orchestras. He dedicated a significant part of his career to children’s choirs and vocal ensembles in Zagreb, being part of children’s and adult education programs. His repertoire includes different genres, as his collaborations are with classical and modern music artists. Alan Bjelinski has been honored with several awards for his work as a conductor, composer, etc. Maestro Bjelinski has collaborated with the Croatian Radio Television Symphony Orchestra on several programs and also recorded all of his father’s Bruno Bjelinski’s work as part of the Croatian cultural heritage.