A NTOB Choir Troupe and Folk Ensemble Troupe joint concert

Conductor: Dritan Lumshi

Organizer: NTOB

Place: Orthodox Church Cathedral

1 Premiere Concert


Tonight is the final night of the award ceremony for NTOB’s largest education project, in the framework of the “Education through culture” calendar.

“Come Sing with Us” announces today the winning choirs of the capital’s 10 new schools that will join the 20 winning schools from the two previous seasons.

“Education through Culture” is the noblest and most useful project for the youth who want to be educated with the true values of musical art.

Throughout this project, 45,600 pupils from 30 schools of Tirana have participated. 356 workshops and concerts for children and with the children have been organized in Tirana schools by NTOB’s Orchestra, Ballet Troupe, Choir and Folk Ensemble in two years.


Tonight will be held the grand finale of the project “Come sing with us” during which were trained 30,000 pupils from 30 schools of Tirana. They have created 30 choirs and 1200 pupils have touched the true scene of the NTOB during three seasons.

Today, 10 new schools are joining the 20 first ones that are already part of this giant project.

Not just a project, not just a mission. “Education through culture” and the project “Come sing with us” is a dream come true to educate the younger generation with the highest values of the most beautiful Albanian and world music.

This is the noblest mission for which NTOB feels proud. Tonight history repeats as it did in the past two years. Older, younger pupils. Only for them.

At the grand finale of Tirana’s middle school choir competition, created by NTOB in the project “Come with us”, the choir of “DORA D’ISTRIA” school was announced the winner.

The General Director of NTOBFE, Ms. Zana Çela, who awarded the first prize on stage, inter alia said:

“Each one of us, who run institutions, has a duty to demonstrate everything that we are doing to educate the younger generation because this is the only way for us to understand what more should be done for them.”

On the grand evening of the “Come Sing with Us” award ceremony, the Doria D’Istria School Choir was announced the winner of the third edition.