TKOB’s symphony orchestra was established in 1950, together with the State Philharmonic part of which were instrumentalists prepared at the gymnasiums and high schools,  at the Army Spirit Orchestra and then at the “Jordan Misja” Artistic Lyceum. Its first artistic activities where the concerts and performances provided by the State Philharmonic. In 1953 it became part of the National Theater of Opera and Ballet.

This sector has an important role in all the stage activities of TKOB from the beginning until today. In the lasts years, orchestra was enriched with instrumentalists prepared in the Eastern Conservatives of Prague, Leipzig, Sofia and then by the State Conservatory of Tirana. The TOB Symphony Orchestra has given and gives a valuable contribution to the interpretation of the stage creativity of our composers and the world. This orchestra has been directed from the first conductor of TOB, master Mustafa Krantja and later from conductors such as Rifat Teqja, Simon Gjoni, Ermir Krantja, Fiqiri Kraja, Bujar Llapaj, Edmond Doko that has been part of the  institution.

The orchestra has been and remains the foundation of opera productions, ballet performances, with the correct stage performances of hundreds of symphonic, vocal symphonic, instrumental and symphonic programs of the most famous  Albanian and foreign artists

The  orchestra’s performances has been rated as : a pure and fin sound;  unlimited colorful melodies

After the 1990s  it has been honored and welcome by the audience in the tours in Italy, France, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo, Croatia, Bosnia, Switzerland, Belgium etc.,

From this orchestra have emerged talented soloists, instrumentalists.

In the  collection of musical recordings available by the Albanian  TV, a significant part is taken of the recorded and filmed parts is played by symphony orchestra and TKOB artists. In addition to the repertoire of our composers such as Zadeja, Zoraqi, Daija, Harapi, Ibrahimi, Dizdari, Peçi, Laro, etc. This orchestra has successfully played many symphonic works of great world composers such as Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Brahms, Dvorak, Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Strauss, Rossini, etc.

The TKOB’s Symphony Orchestra has in its composition about 60 instrumentalists. For its artistic interpretation values, TKOB’s symphony orchestra has been honored with prizes and considerations.

The orchestra has only Albanian artists in its composition. Its formation contains: bows (V1, V2, Vl, Vlc, Cb), breathing instruments (picc, Fl1, Fl2, 2 Ob, 2 Cl, 2 Fg, Ingl.corn, 2Tr, 3 Cor, 3 Trb, Bt ), percussion and harp instruments.