For the purpose of protecting the health of the population from the infection caused by COVID-2019, by Order No. 132, dated 08.03.2020 of the Minister of Health and Social Protection, “On the closure of public and non-public activities and the cancellation of mass gatherings in closed or open spaces”, the Ministry of Culture orders:
– Suspension of all cultural activities, conferences, national councils, public hearings, intended to take place in subordinate institutions until April 3, 2020.
– Closure of public museums subordinates of the Ministry of Cutlture
– Closure of Archaeologic parks
– Suspension of service for users and closure of reading room at the National Library
– The protocol for requests / complaints at the Ministry of Culture will work at reduced hours

Subordinate Institutions:
National Theater
National Theater of Opera, Ballet and Folk Ensemble
“Kujtim Spahivogli” Experimental National Theatre
National Circus
Children National Cultural Centre
The Albanian Film Archive
National Library
Institute of Cultural Monuments