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On the evening of February 18th, NTOB brought on stage “Songs of Fate”, a concert with works by Johaness Brahms and a premiere for the public. The protagonists of this evening were only young artists who brought a different sound and energy to the theater stage with their fresh voices.

After a 2 month training, they gave us one of the most beautiful concerts of this start of the season with a vocal-instrumental repertoire of high technical level by Johannes Brahms this weekend.

The works present various themes on the nostalgia of the past, the feeling of love, worries, as well as the relationship with nature. The works are also distinguished for their melodism, pleasant lines, rhythmic breaks as well as frequent harmonic jumps.


Conductor: Dritan Lumshi

Vocal Soloists: Rovena Xhelili (soprano), Ina Gaqi (mezzo-soprano)

NTOB Youth Chamber Choir: Rovena Xhelili (soprano), Elda Koçibelli (soprano), Laura Hoxha (alto), Esi Murtati (alto), Gerald Murrja (tenor), Glerson Hoxha (tenor), Keldi Ametaj (tenor), Neron Kacerja (tenor), Bledar Domi (bass), Xhieldo Hyseni (bass), Artur Vera (baritone), Patrik Vjollca (baritone)

Piano: Igli Rapaj

Cello: Igert Zeqiri


Johannes  Brahms – Sonata for Cello and Piano No. 2 in F Major, Op. 99

Cello: Igert Zeqiri

Piano: Igli Rapaj


Johannes  Brahms – Six Quartets, Op.112

Sehnsucht     –             Longing

Nächtens     –               At Night

Himmel strahlt so helle und klar – The sky is beaming, so bright and clear

Rote Rosenknospen – Red rosebuds

Brennessel steht am Wegesrand – Stinging nettles stand at the side of the road

Liebe Schwalbe, kleine Schwalbe – Dear swallow, little swallow

Interpreters: NTOB Youth Chamber Choir

Piano: Igli Rapaj


Johannes Brahms – Four Duets, Op. 61

Die Schwestern          –         The Sisters

Klosterfräulein           –          The Young Nun

Phänomen                  –          Phenomenon

Die Boten der Liebe  –          Love’s Messengers

Interpreters: Rovena Xhelili (soprano), Ina Gaqi (mezzo-soprano)

Piano: Igli Rapaj


Johannes Brahms – Four Quartets, Op. 92

Schöne Nacht!     –       O charming night

Spätherbst            –       Late Autumn

Abendlied            –        Even-song

Warum?               –        Why?

Interpreter: NTOB Youth Chamber Choir

Piano: Igli Rapaj