A show for your children's entertainment only. The musical tale "Peter and the wolf" was
narrated in ArTurbina for two days at 12:00.
The NTOB Orchestra conducted by Edmond Doko will perform the wonderful music of the story
of young mischievous Peter and the wolf, composed by Sergei Prokofiev.
Take your child and come to ArTurbina's small hall at 12:00. It's the #NTOB gift for your child.


Once upon a time, there was a young mischievous boy named Peter. He lived with his
grandfather in a small villa surrounded by a high stone wall in a forest clearing. One day, Peter
left the house without his grandfather’s permission. A chirpy bird joined Peter. They were
followed by a duck and the three of them went to the pond. The bird made fun of the little duck:
“You’re bird that can’t fly”, while the duck answered back: “You don’t know how to swim”. A
cat arrives as the two quarrel and Peter notices it. The cat wanted to capitalize on the feud

between the bird and the duck to eat one of the two, but Peter warned the two friends, "Beware
of the cat!" The little bird flew away, and the duck escaped because cats don't like the water.
Grandfather came to the meadow angry because Peter didn't obey him: “Peter, this is a
dangerous place! The wolf can arrive at any moment!” and dragged Peter home. Meanwhile the
wolf arrived and approached the three animals. The cat noticed it faster and climbed quickly into
a tree. The bird flew on a branch and the duck came ashore: a grave mistake! The duck was very
slow and the wolf needed very little to reach it and swallow it whole. Poor duck!
Peter saw what happened through the door. He decided to intervene: he took a rope and climbed
a tree branch. Then, he asked the little bird to fly near the wolf's face, taking care not to get
caught. Peter lowered the rope from the branch after making a loop to catch the wolf from the
tail. At that moment, the hunters came and the shooting increased.
"Stop!" cried Peter! “The wolf is already trapped! Help me take him to the zoo."
And so they continued walking together, with the cat leading the way, then Peter, the little bird,
the grandfather and the wolf hunters… What about the duck?
The "quack quack" was heard from the wolf's belly, as it was swallowed alive!

The peculiarity of this musical work is that a musical instrument represents each character. This
allows children to recognize the sound of the various instruments used, all present in every
Peter is represented by the STRINGS: violin, viola, cello, and double bass
Little Bird: FLUTE
Rosa: OBOE
Grandfather: FAGOT
Hunters’ shoots: DRUM

Interprets: NTOB Orchestra

Conductor: Edmond Doko

Ligoraq Riza, narrator of the symphonic fairytale “Peter and the Wolf”,
He was born in Korça on January 18th, 1951. He graduated as an actor on 1973. Until the end of
1975 he worked as an actor in the Drama Theatre of Gjirokastra, until 1988 in the Pogradec
Estrada and later on in the “Çajupi” Theatre of Korça.
He has played over 150 theater roles and over 20 in different films. Ligoraq Riza is noted as a
narrator of children’s fairytales.
He has received various awards as: “Aleksandër Moisiu”, “Golden Apollo”, “Best librettist”, etc.