Choir has his beginnings in 1944 with organizer and artistic director, master Kostandin Trako, the first coral conductor in our country. In 1950 this artistic troupe became part of the Albanian Philharmonic and in 1953 of the TKOB. The General Choir was distinguished by the amateur choir because he was trained in becoming a professional choir, technically capable of interpreting any repertoire of all coral and wider genres, of Albanian and foreign authors, classical and contemporaneous.

This coral troupe, in addition to its specific activity, has provided hundreds of artistic concerts both internally and externally as in: Soviet Union, Poland, Romania, Hungary, China, Macedonia, Italy, Greece, Germany and everywhere was welcomed by the public and various media.

With TKOB choir corps, it became possible to study, conceive and perform works of great gender: Oratory, songs, poems, fantasies, suites, as well as choral scenes of various Albanian and foreign operas

This coral troupe is remarkable for artistic discipline and dedication to the realization of artistic, stage and concert programs where it participates. The TKOB Choir has in its composition 40 artists . The TKOB choir repertoire is rich and varied as with stage and concert works, Albanian and world music. A valuable contribution to the development, progress and performance of this choral troupe has been given by the choir conductors who have worked and directed this troupe over the years such as: Constantin Trako, (first choir conductor); Vangjo Nova; Milto Vako; Rosemary Jorganxhi and then Suzana Turku Kashara, Oleg Arapi, Anila Abazi and Dritan Lumshi.



Dritan Lumshi


Atea Aliko, Eglantina Shkurti, Elda Kocibelli, Enkelejda Kusi, Klodiana Bocka, Mimoza Agolli,  Ollga Kole, Redrina Kokona, Rovena Xhelili, Roza Topi, Silvana Kiri,


Elisabeth Hoshafi, Enkeleda Katroshi, Enkeleida Dama, Ina Gaqi, Irena Saraci, Majlinda Havale, Majlinda Laska, Shamsah Gega


Aleksander Rrapi, Erlind Zeraliu, Denis Skura, Fatbardh Karaj, Gilmond Miftari, Gerald Murrja, Keldi Ahmetaj, Roel Llupa, Rudin Sata


Antonio Zefi, Aurrel Thellimi, Bledar Domi, Genci Vozga, Mikel Kraja, Ogert Islami, Sokol Hidersha, Sokol Tomorri