TKOBAP’s ballet troupe is formed in 1950 along with the Albanian Philharmony, which was later included in 1953 in Theater of Opera and Ballet. It was originally created by a ballet dancer prepared for the first ballet courses at the children’s centers and Philharmonic itself.

This troupe was later enriched with soloists trained in Moscow (Soviet Union) whom became promoters of the Ballet School and then TOB. The ballet performers of this troupe were: Georgi Perkun (Rus), Panajot Kanaçi (People’s Artist), Agron Aliaj (People’s Artist), Skënder Selimi (Professor) etc. These major figures have given a very valuable contribution to the technical, artistic and professional formation and consolidation of this ballet troupe.

This artistic troupe is now a sector formed with prominent professional features to perform our ballets with great success and also ballets of the classic and contemporary world repertoire. From this ballet troupe have come up with dozens of prominent and highly talented soloists whom with their scenic activity have excelled successfully and have performed in many national and international ballets both inside and outside the country.

After 1990, from the troupe has left dozens of talented soloists and ballet dancers who have successfully performed in many different scenes of the world, many roles and have achieved a great success in theaters of ballet and well known private ballet schools. In the tournaments realized in China, Italy, Turkey, France, Greece, Macedonia, etc., it was received quite well achieving a well-deserved successes. For distinguished merits in the field of the performance and dissemination of Albanian and world ballet, the troupe and his soloists were honored with honorary titles, medal awards from the Albanian state and broader. From this troupe came the first lecturers and leaders of the Albanian choreographic school that has released hundreds of talented ballet dancers who have worked and work in the TKOB scene, in different cities of the country and around the world.

 Currently the ballet troupe is made up of 40 dancers, which for years has successfully and with a high artistic level have performed the repertoire and contemporary works by renowned names of world and Albanian choreography such as Anglein Preljocaj, Renato Zanella, Gheorge Jancu , Barak Mashall, Daniel Cardoso, Tony Candeloro, Fredy Franzutti (Choreographers from the Puglia-Lecce Region).

The ballet troupe of recent years has been invited to perform with their repertoire and contemporary works in different countries such as Italy, Germany, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, where it was well received for its artistic  high level.

Among the national stage works we can mention:

Ballet: Halili and Hajria (Albanian first ballet),Delina, Cuca e maleve, Shqiponja sypatrembur,  Bijtë e peshkatarit, Ritme e ndjenja punetore, Kecat dhe ujku, Duarartet vigjelente, Tokë e pamposhtur , Para stuhisë, Lumi i Vdekur,  Shota dhe Azem Galica, Joniada,Shqiponjat, Plaga e dhjetë e Gjergj Elez Alisë, Vajzat e qytetit të gurtë, Migjeniania ,Gjenerali i Ushtrise se vdekur, Rituali i jetë, Tirana by night, Historia e një kënge.

In addition to the national stage activity, the ballet troupe has also successfully performed stage works from world literature:

Ballets: Shatrivani i Baçisaraj (First Foreign Ballet), Esmeralda, Kujdesi i kotë, Romeo and Julliet, Lola, Fadeta, Laurencia, Francesca da Rimini, Shehrezade, Paganini, Cinderella, The Death of a Queen, the Paris Cathedral, the Museum of Music, The Nutcracker, Carmen, Bajadera, Carmina Burana, Copelia, La Sylphide, Pain and Love, Dafnis and Kloe, Zorba, La Traviata, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Extravagance, Impact and Table, Risveglio dell’ umanita, 4 pieces, Noces, Monger, Exil & Déja vu.


Ballet Conductor:

Alisa Gjoni


Adela Mucollari, Enada Vaso, Ledia Sulaj, Anxhelo Mucollari, Dion Gjinika, Fatjon Lito, Gerd Vaso


Erisa Gina, Isida Mollaymeri, Jonida Qafmolla, Odeta Dishnica, Rovena Shqevi,Eltion Merja


Elona Beqiraj, Elda Logo, Loreta Bala, Julind Dervishi, Kevin Lila


Corps de ballet

Amela Prifti, Livia Lara, Matilda Reka


Albert Matraku, Andi Vrapi, Besi Skura, Enred Miolli, Erald Zela, Evis Heta, Kristi Dushmani


Ambra Troplini, Arlinda Mulgeci, Brikena Mehmetukaj, Denada Hristiç, Milena Nurka, Sabina Matlekaj, Armando Meçi, Ervis Koceku, Lurdi Dodgjini, Renato Lleshi